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Over the course of thirty years, Hermann Samuel Reimarus () secretly drafted what would become the most thorough attack on revelation to date. REIMARUS, HERMANN SAMUEL (–), German theologian and philosopher. Son of a scholar, grandson of a clergyman, student and son-in-law of J. A. Whilst Hermann Samuel Reimarus has justly received a chapter in the history of biblical criticism, he has lacked a dedicated treatment of his.

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He avenged himself on Semler by shaking his faith in historical theology and even in the freedom of science in general. Jesus never disabused them of this sensuous hope, but, on the contrary, confirmed them in it. As Origen of yore with Celsus, so Semler takes Reimarus sentence by sentence, in such a way that if his work were lost it could be recovered from the refutation. Had there been an efficient police administration the disciples would not have been able to plan this fraud and organise their communistic fellowship.

Reimarus was educated by his father and by the scholar J. Lessing’s position, in turn, influenced Kierkegaard, who samule that Christian truth is established independently of one’s estimate of the historical origins of Christianity by God’s act in the moment, though history occasions that moment.

This page was last edited on 5 Julyat Moreover, such a thing is both physically and morally impossible.

The fact was that Semler had nothing in the nature of a complete or well-articulated argument to oppose to him; therefore he inaugurated [1] Doderlein also wrote a defence of Jesus against the Fragmentist: Not much is known about Reimarus. Jesus, according to this view, was an apocalyptic prophet preaching about a worldly kingdom soon to come.


Hermann Samuel Reimarus

Luther had not so much as felt that he cared to gain a clear idea of the order of the recorded events…. Their hearers would naturally think of the customary meaning of the term and the hopes which attached themselves to it. This view is current in modern scholarship. Sign In or Create an Account. Reimarus has influenced contemporary thought indirectly through Lessing, David F.

In addition to the seven fragments published by Lessing, a second portion of the work was issued in by C.

The Toleration of the Deists. Herausgegeben von Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. For his contemporaries he had no existence, and it was Strauss who first made his name known in literature.

Seldom has there been a hate so eloquent, so lofty a scorn; but then it is seldom that reimarsu work has been written in the just consciousness reimarsu so absolute a superiority to contemporary opinion. Next Hermann von Helmholtz. Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.

Thank you for your feedback. But, furthermore, it is questionable whether Baptism really goes back to Jesus at all.

Hermann Samuel Reimarus – New World Encyclopedia

The fragments also caused Lessing to come to grips with the need for source criticism of the Gospels. Reimarus was the first, after eighteen centuries of misconception, to have an inkling of what eschatology really was. However, the Bible does not present such a revelation. In the temple He arrogates to Himself supreme power, and in glowing words calls for an open revolt against the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees, on the ground that they have shut the doors of the Kingdom of Heaven and forbidden others to go in.


Hermann Samuel Reimarus () – Classicist, Hebraist, Enlightenment Radical in Disguise

Some writers, including Albert Schweitzercredit Reimarus with initiating the scholarly investigation of the historical Jesus. This essay is not only one of the greatest events in the history of criticism, it is also a masterpiece of general literature. His idea of revelation, and his conception of the Person of Jesus, were much deeper than those of the Fragmentist. Hermann Samuel Reimarus 22 DecemberHamburg — 1 MarchHamburgwas a German philosopher and writer of the Enlightenment who is remembered for his Deismthe doctrine that human reason can arrive at a knowledge of God and ethics from a study of nature and our own internal reality, thus eliminating the need for religions based on revelation.

He felt that merely to emphasise the part played by eschatology would not suffice, but that it was necessary to assume a creative element in the tradition, to which he ascribed the miracles, the stories which turn on the fulfilment of Messianic prophecy, the universalistic traits and the predictions of the passion and the resurrection.

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