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The assembly of a number of individual gas pipettes of the. Hempel type for a special purpose, as in the ordinary Orsat apparatus for flue gas analysis, is familiar. 3 INTRODUCTION To have proper control on combustion process, an idea about complete or complete combustion of fuel is made by the analysis of flue gas. Determination of calorific value of a fuel by Bomb calorimeter. ➢ Flue gas analysis by ORSAT apparatus. ➢ Study of valve timing diagram of Diesel Engine.

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Now the cock a is apparatue and the sample of the gas is forced into the first reagent pipette containing KOH by raising the aspirating bottle.

Auth with social network: Chemical Absorption Reaction in orsat apparatus. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. STEP 2 The stopper of the absorption bulb, containing caustic potash solution, is opened and gqs the gas is forced into this bulb by raising the water reservoir.

Flue Gas Analysis by Orsat Apparatus | Combustion | Thermodynamics

Therefore, weight or gravimetric analysis can be converted into volumetric analysis by dividing the weight of the gas by its molecule weight to get the volume of the gas. And the percentage volumetric analysis of the dry products of combustion is given as. Products of combustion are in the gaseous state and the analysis of the products of combustion will be in volumes or volumetric analysis will be obtained.

Once this excess oxygen is obtained, then we can find the weight of excess air supplied. Then their respective valves are closed. The three cocks a, b, c and a three way cock are closed. The aspirating bottle is lowered so that the eudiometer reads zero on graduated scale. The gas is then passed into the caustic potash burette, left to stand for about two minutes and then withdrawn, isolating the remaining gas via the stopcock arrangements.


This procedure is repeated times to ensure a right sample of the gas taken for analysis. Aspirating bottle is moved up and down several times to ensure the complete absorption of CO 2 by KOH solution in reagent pipette. In the power plants the amount of fuel used is very large and consequently the amount of air supplied to a boiler furnace is also great and so it cannot be measured directly. When the combustion of the fuel takes place, the products of combustion will be carbon dioxide, sometimes carbon monoxide may also be present sulphur dioxide, vapour and nitrogen all the while, oxygen also will be present in the flue gases.

This equation does take into consideration the complete combustion of carbon to carbon dioxide and hence approximation.

Let C be the percentage of carbon in one kg of fuel and the percentage analysis of the dry flue gas by weight is as given below: Let x be the excess air supplied per kg of fuel. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. The process is repeated to ensure full absorption.

Typically, ml is withdrawn for ease of calculation. This process of sucking and exhausting of gas is repeated times, so as to expel the air from the capillary connecting tubes, etc.

Eudiometer is connected to aspirating bottle by means of rubber tube.

FLUE GAS ANALYSIS ORSAT APPARATUS. – ppt video online download

Year 10 C Pathway Mr. When H 2 O vapours are included in the exhaust or flue gases, then the products of combustion are wet. The Orsat analysis of the flue gas shows Potassium Hydroxide Caustic Potash. Dean—Stark Soxhlet extractor Kipp’s. The main constituents of the flue gases are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitrogen.


The base of the gas burette is connected to a levelling bottle to enable readings to be taken at constant pressure and to transfer the gas to and from the absorption media.

After writing the combustion orzat, we can proceed to balance the hydrogen also and the unknown. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In order to get the analysis of the exhaust gases by volume, first the analysis of the exhaust gases is found by weight, i. Then the chemical equations can be written as.

Registration Forgot your password? If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. For balancing purpose, we naalysis to consider the moles of H 2 O produced: Acid solvent cabinet Biosafety cabinet Fire blanket Fire extinguisher Fume hood.

Each front apparatux is provided with number of glass tubes inside to increase the wetted surface area hence it accelerates action of the gas absorption. The illustrative example given below will give you an procedure for accounting oxygen for the combustion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.

For adjusting final volume, the three-way stop-cock is opened to atmosphere and the reservoir is carefully raised, till the level ofwater in it is the same as in the burette, which stands at mL mark. Share buttons are a little bit lower. So the three-way stop-cock is opened to the atmosphere, and the orast expelled out by raising the reservoir.