EZM 4430 PDF

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Programmable Counter EZM 48×48 DIN 1/16 EZM 48 x 48 DIN 1/16 Universal Input Programmable Counter – 6 digits Process (PV) and 6 digits Set. with Phase Shifting Property. Multiplication Coefficient and Decimal Point Position. EZM,EZM,EZM,EZM Programmable Counters. EZM Counters and. Timers. Counter. SET. 3 E S. RESET. EZM- EZM EZM EZMUus CE E. Counter / Totalizer Counter.

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EZM-4430. – Multifunction Counter 2 x 6 Digit – EMKO Elektronik A.S.

Rated Voltage 16Vdc 5mA. Maximum continous permissable voltage 30 Vdc. Logic 1 minimum level 3 Vdc.

Logic 0 maximum level 2 Vdc. You can also rotate other languages using Google Translate Domestic Distributors Overseas Distributors.

HR Policy Application Form. User Manuals Booklets contained instructions for use can be found Software You can find our products are backed files Brochures Product brochure can be found here Application Notes Published notes to help you reach. Virtual Training Live Support 44430.


EZM// Multifunction Counter 2 x 6 Digit EMKO Elektronik AS

News Click here to read news about our company Fairs Click here to view attending trade fairs Education Training Click here to view the in-house trainings Control Devices for Industrial Applications.

Humidity Thermocouples Thermoresistances Transmitter Software. Technical Specifications Files F. E-Support Live Support F. EZM Single Set Programmable Counter EZM-XX30 Series Programmable Counter can be used in package machines, production and quality control rollers, in cutting and processing machine of glass, plastic, marble, sheet, iron, fabric all measuring and controlling of dimension, productivity, and can be adapted easily to all mechanical construction and automation system.

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Display and Front Panel. Supply Voltage and Power.