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Haitian-born Danticat’s third novel (after The Farming of Bones and Breath, Eyes, Memory) focuses on the lives affected by a “dew breaker,” or torturer of Haitian. ABSTRACT. This article examines the representation of a violent and traumatizing past in Edwidge Danticat’s The Dew Breaker (), a collection of short. Edwidge Danticat’s brilliant exploration of the “dew breaker”–or torturer–s an unforgettable story of love, remorse, and hope; of personal and political rebellions;.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Now knowing this, we can see why Anne struggles so much in this scene because she thinks about how her daughter looks at Constant and how she might look at her father knowing he was once a man who participated in similar violent acts.

She was a warrior, a dancer, a storyteller, and a fantastic potter and has been my s hero since Breakdr was a little girl. I would be halfway through the chapter before I even had a vague idea of what decade the story was taking place in.

She has no idea that the man she runs into is responsible for her brother’s death, and decides to take him home and help heal his bleeding face. I spent a good half-hour or more once I finished the book, just lying on my bed and trying to pin him down.

She believed her father to be a quiet man who was once tortured in prison. Upon the rise of this knowledge, U. Why does she stay with him after learning the truth about the identity of his last victim?


The Dew Breaker – Wikipedia

This is a terrific book. Refresh and try again. Story line is a man with a deep dark disturbing secret. Otherwise they would not survive their new lives in America. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Trivia About The Dew Breaker. About The Dew Breaker In this award-winning, bestselling work of fiction that moves between Haiti in the s and New York in the present day, we meet an unusual man who is harboring a vital, dangerous secret.

This interview highlight’s Beatrice’s retirement from being a bridal seamstress in the United States, after venturing from her home in Haiti. Josette, another Haitian nurse is the only one she somewhat associates with, and not necessarily by choice.

The Dew Breaker is my first taste of the gift of storytelling by Edwidge Danticat I am indeed very much drawn to people who live in between determined categories, people who are something between model immigrants and so called deviant ones like Claude, a young man who is deported from the United States for committing a horrible crime. With terrifying wit and flowered pungency, Edwidge Danticat has managed over the eanticat 10 years to portray the torment of the Haitian people.

It adds to the dream-like quality of the book, and makes the reader do a bit of work to figure out who all the characters are and how they’re related.

The Dew Breaker

When she asks Beatrice about yhe plans after retirement, she reveals her plan to move and the history with the Haitian prison guard. Danticat’s rare gift is her ability to set her novels and stories amid fraught times in which the actions of the government cause upheaval in the lives of regular people, without ever once losing focus on her characters.


This really happened when I was growing up. They seek comfort in each other. I felt like the “dew breaker” the torturer got a bit of the short stick as far as characterization goes. As the book unfolds, we enter the lives of those around him, and his secret is slowly revealed.

The stories underlying tone of sadness reflects in the fact that Nadine is hiding from everyone that she went through with an abortion after being impregnated by a man named Eric. The structure of “The Dew Breaker” is made out of a myriad of stories, some tying into each other, and others functioning in what is seemingly their own separate world. One such victim is Michel, whose parents were killed by the dew breaker when he was a young boy.

Why has Danticat chosen to end The Dew Breaker in this open-ended way? Mar 08, Pages.

This is something I could never clearly explain to myself. Anne is devout and believes in miracles.