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View and Download Eclipse AVNE owner’s manual online. DVD Video/USB Multi-Source Receiver/7” Wide Screen Monitor/Navigation/Built-In Bluetooth. /ECLIPSE” I Quick Start guide • English· 2 Espanal 28 G Fran~ais •••• 54 e cP FUJITSU TEN I For the safe usage of this device We appreciate your purchase of . FREE 2-day Shipping: Stunning graphics, superior performance Eclipse pulls out all the stops with the AVNE navigation receiver, Our take on the Eclipse AVNE by Crutchfield’s Zak Billmeier Eclipse AVNE Owner’s manual.

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About “SD memory card” slot

About Road And Place-name Data About Road and Place-Name Data There is always a possibility that roads and place-names will be modified after creation of the map data, in which case the provided names will differ from the actual names. GPS navigation is not possible.

Delete one character from the entered text. CAUTION If the vehicle’s battery is disconnected for repairs to the vehicle eclpse for removing the main unitall the stations held in the memory will be lost. From here, you can access the following screens. Si instala la antena del GPS dentro del vehiculo, el lugar de instalacion y la forma de la carroceria del vehiculo determinaran la precision del GPS.

Press to fast forward and fast reverse videos and chapters. The selected point moves down in the list becomes a via point to be reached later. M5 x 8 como los tornillos de montaje. Touch this area to open the Trip Information screen, and select from values displayed in the three fields. Smoke, fires or shocks may result. Displaying Informationabout Current BroadcastWhen receiving a SIRIUS broadcast, you candisplay information about the currentbroadcast, such as the channel, category,track title, artist, and channel number.


About “SD memory card” slot / AVNE Online Manual / ECLIPSE

Si no se aisla la conexi6n, se pod ria producir un incendio o accidentes. The map of the vicinity of a previously set destination can be displayed. Touch again to cancel the random Shuffle All play.

Cette garantie limitee ne couvre aucune de vos depenses acquittees ou contractees en rapport avec cette garantie. You can switch between trips, pause and resume a trip, or reset. However, when multipath effects are caused by reflections from buildings and the like, errors may occur.

Eclipse AVN726E Owner’s Manual

Before Use Viewing this Document. Seleccione avn72e tomillas de acuerdo con las formas de los agujeros para tornillos en el soporte de montaje. Select the text-entry language. Red light cameras measure traffic in the same direction.

Navigation Guidance Navigation Guidance Setting from Address If you know at least a part of the address, this is the quickest way to select the destination of the route. DVD Player Setting You can pre-specify the play-back audio mode or the language used to display subtitles or menus.

Always display the map so that north is on top, regardless of the direction in which the car is traveling.

AVNE Online Manual / ECLIPSE

The language for entering characters can manuak selected from the displayed list. The main unit should not be installed in any vehicle which does not have a 12 V power Summary of the content on the page No.

About This Receiver Before Use About This Receiver Control Names and Operations You can operate this receiver by pressing the buttons panel buttons or maual touching the switches displayed on the screen touch switches. Selection adjustment is not possible in the FM mode. Maual Pattern SettingYou can set the color pattern of the screens. Be careful when using it. Use a circuit tester to confirm that a sensing voltage of 6 V or higher is generated when the vehicle is reversed.


Also, be sure to set the volume so that you can still adequately hear sounds outside the vehicle. Before using a Bluetooth-compatible portable device with the main unit, please be sure to perform the Bluetooth registration and connection setting procedures. Page 88 Operation Navigation Overview Touch any of the fields to see data on the via points starting from the first one through the final destination.

Cette garantie limitee ne couvre aucun produit ayant fait I’objet de mauvais traitement, d’un mauvais usage, de negligence, d’un accident, de modifications, de mauvaise connexion avec des peripheriques, d’une tentative de vol, de surtension electrique, de dommages par un liquide, d’inondation, de dommages par la foudre ou autres actes de la nature, qui ont ete utilises de maniere autre que selon les instructions fournies par Eclipse ou en dehors des limites de specifications ou ayant un numero de serie altere, degrade ou enleve.

Touch this switch to re-enable the automaticmap rotation. This manual may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced or transmitted in any eclipwe either electronically or mechanically, including photocopying and recording, without the express written consent of Nav N Go Kft.

Point de connexion pour Ie siflnal de marche arriere exemple. Goes to folder one level higher andplays the first track of this folder.