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“Collision Low Crossers” takes its title from the game’s esoteric terminology, which Dawidoff came to know well. The Jets use the phrase to. Collision Low Crossers has ratings and reviews. victor said: An excellent in depth look at the behind-the-scenes operations of the New York Jets. This essay is excerpted from Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football, by Nicholas Dawidoff, published by.

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Almost every person in that room resembled a man whose fiancee has broken up with collisikn without warning. On one of his calls, the Jets give up a yard pass.

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On the Jets, such possibilities are minimized because they’re talked and joked about. And Let me put this book in context.

Only one error that I saw. Those Guys Have All the Fun.

Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football by Nicholas Dawidoff

After spending a season embedded with the team, it’s clear that Dawidoff has genuine fondness for the coaches and players, and seems fairly unwilling to criticize them as a result. For coaches work at the facility is a full time business. One way to get around this is to pick high school teams, which are more consistent in terms of athletic dynasties, especially in football.

Definitely a must-read for any fan of the New York Jets, and a good one for anybody who really wants to get an inside look behind the curtain of the NFL. How to write a great review. Jul 31, Martin rated it really liked it.


Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football

Quotes from Collision Low Cro Mark Sanchez is about as flaky as I imagined him to be. The overall takeaway for me was how razor thin the NFL truly is. Wise safeties, brooding linebackers, high-strung cornerbacks, enthusiastic rookies, and a well-read nose tackle-they make up a strange and complex family.

I bought the book from Thriftbooks. John Schneider coloision Seattle has gotten a lot of credit recently for his ability to pick up gems late Richard Sherman, Kam Chancelor, kow.

He has a much larger vocabulary than I do, to the point where I needed to have a dictionary nearby for help. The real action happens behind the scenes, mostly watching f the lolmythesis distillation of Collision Low Crossers would go something like “NFL football has nothing to do with what you see on TV; the important stuff happens on weekdays in office buildings, and is far more grueling than you ever imagined.

‘Collision Low Crossers’ by Nicholas Dawidoff – The Boston Globe

On the plus side, I have watched hundreds of nfl football games in my life and yet found myself on the Sunday just before finishing the book watching them somehow ‘differently’. It’s hard to finger what had changed exactly but I was paying more attention to the personnel groupings and the setups than before. Then, head-scratcher, Seattle selects James Colision, whom everyone thought was a second-rounder anyway — Seahawks could have and should have picked up a fifth-round pick in that draft.

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As Dawidoff explores these human relationships there is one overriding theme for all involved, pain; physical and emotional discomfort that dominates the game.

If you love NFL football, you’ll love this book. Sitting at 25th, Schneider tries to trade down to 30th and pick up a third-round pick. May 13, Eric Ryan rated it it was amazing. Recently, Brandon Marshall a current — so far but maybe not for long — NY Jets receiver advocated on TV recently for a union to represent coaches.

To view it, click here. Now that was fantastic. He is fulsome in his praise of him as a man and clearly admires his character and “hail fellow, well met” bonhomie. Even the coaches don’t fully understand what’s happened in the game until after they’ve viewed the films.

A good behind the scenes look at life in the NFL from the offseason through training camp, regular season and the immediate aftermath of the grueling season. The amounts of money are large and the pressure is constant. Jan 27, Eric S.