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Memory and Meaning: Borges and “Funes el memorioso”. HENRY L SHAPIRO. There are, of course, in spite of Borges y yo, far more than two such homonyms. Funes the Memorious (Funes el Memorioso). Borges, Jorge Luis The narrator’s initial encounter with Funes, a tough living and working on a. My high school senior year English teacher was kind of an odd fellow, though I now believe he relished (and even cultivated) the “wacky.

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So generally I avoid short stories, but this one I’ve read to make progress with my Spanish. Due to a hereditary condition, Borges became blind in his late fifties.

Further Skywriting on this topic. Apr 22, Maria rated it liked it. It was shortly afterward that he learned he was crippled; of that fact he hardly took notice. It is a fantastical presentation of a common human complaint.

It was not only difficult for him to understand that the generic term dog [italicized in original] embraced so many unlike specimens of differing sizes and different forms; he was disturbed by the fact that a dog at three-fourteen seen in profile should have the same name as the dog at three-fifteen seen from the front ” Funes did not understand me, or did not wish to understand me” Juampa rated it it was amazing May 26, When dawn reveals Funes’s face, only 19 years old, Borges sees him “as monumental as bronze, more ancient than Egypt, anterior to the prophecies and the pyramids”.

Funes el Memorioso by Jorge Luis Borges

Return to Book Page. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But then, all our lives we postpone everything that can be postponed; perhaps we all have the certainty, deep inside, that we are immortal and that sooner or later every man will do everything, know all there is to know. Ireneo Funes, the protagonist, after an accident, was bestowed with the absolute memory and the keenest perception. Later, when the narrator inquired what had become of Funes, he was told that the latter “had been thrown by a wild horse at the San Francisco ranch, and that he been hopelessly crippled” O Funes is so lost due to his ability to remember each and every detail of his life and this short story had me freaking like no other read has ever had As narrative this can be seen as extended version of insomnia.


Borges spends the whole night talking to Funes in the dark.

Funes the Memorious (Funes el Memorioso)

Funes’s mother escorts him to a patio where the youth usually spends his dark hours. Want to Read saving….

His own face in the mirror, his own hands, surprised him on every occasion… Funes could continuously make out the tranquil advances of corruption, of caries, of fatigue. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Funes has an immediate intuition of the mane of a horse or the form of a constantly changing flame that is comparable to our normal people’s intuition of a simple geometric shape such as a triangle or square. Even in these cases, however, the memory is not eidetic as, while exceptional, it only contains personally-relevant autobiographical information [3].

Solomon Shereshevskiia stage memory-artist mnemonist with a condition known as “hypermnesia”, [5] is described by the Russian neuropsychologist Alexander Luria in his book, The Mind of a Mnemonist[6] which some speculate was the inspiration for Borges’s story.

Muchas interpretaciones se pueden hacer, pero tal vez una inquietante es que el relato invita a reflexionar sobre la memoria. Borges explores a variety of topics in the text, such as the need of generalization and abstraction kemorioso thought and science. He remembers, for example, the shape of clouds at all given moments, as well as the associated perceptions muscular, thermal, etc.

When he fell, he’d been knocked unconscious; when he came to again, the present was so funee, so clear, that it was almost unbearable, as were his oldest and botges his most trivial memories. Two or three times he had reconstructed an entire day; he had never once erred or faltered, but each reconstruction had itself taken an entire day. Because Funes can distinguish every physical object at every distinct time of viewing, he has no clear need of generalization or detail-suppression for the management of sense impressions.


Sep 20, Marian Balza rated it liked it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Luria encountered and described in his book, The Mind of a Mnemonist: Valentin Eni rated it it was ok Apr 23, The real-life case of Daniel Tammet b.

Funes el Memorioso

He was a target of political persecution during the Peron regime, and supported the military juntas that overthrew memorioeo. He died in Geneva, Switzerland, in His memory is so precise, so individual in detail that he develops a unique numbering system and that “in a very few days he had gone beyond twenty-four thousand” Funes may be compared to an autistic savantin that he has acquired an extraordinary ability, memorywithout the obvious need for study wl practice.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Although the ending is not a surprise ending, I shall desist from revealing it since there is a touch of irony in it.

Funes the Memorious

Plus, it is not clear, how much he was an observer and how much he identified with what he was? Jill Pricealong with 10 others, can remember with great accuracy most days of their lives starting from the average age of Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

A poor, ignorant young boy in the outskirts of a small town, he is hopelessly limited in his possibilities, but says Borges his absurd projects reveal “a certain stammering greatness”.

Funes sits in a dark room and goes over the events in his past. British-American neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks cites Luria’s book as the inspiration for memoroiso own book, Awakeningswhich is dedicated to Luria.